Lake Pedder, a favourite 'quiet' place

Simon Trewin

Client Growth

Originally from Victoria, Simon’s been all over, with stints in London and Brisbane where he worked as a chef and restaurant manager. He moved to Hobart well before it was hip in the early 2000s.

A serial business designer and idea maker, Simon is creative and innovative, yet has a deep understanding of doing business and its operational constraints. He brings a unique view to any situation and excels at creating simple solutions to complex problems. At Futago we’re using these skills and his empathetic superpower to help us deliver a better experience for our clients. Simon works alongside the business owners to review how we do things and what can be done better. He has consulted to the industry in new product development, innovation and design thinking, and has also created highly successful and industry-shifting retail and foodservice brands. Simon also teaches brand strategy and entrepreneurship at Foundry’s Hobart campus.