Mimi McIntyre
Adventure Bay

Sunrise from Adventure Bay, Bruny Island where Mimi grew up and spends weekends

Mimi McIntyre

Studio Bookkeeper

A Bruny Island girl with a passion for learning, Mimi loves working with numbers to make all the lines add up.

She graduated from UTAS with majors in journalism and marketing, and mixed things up with a Cert IV in Graphic Design from The Graphic Design School.

Her career got off to a racing start when she landed a job straight out of uni as the Hill Street Group’s marketing manager. She’s since worked for Tasmanian-based online company Myfoodlink and as an assistant brewer at Captain Bligh’s.

Caught by the ‘how hard can it be?’ bug and extremely nosy about how things are made, Mimi’s done everything from building hat stands to taking up brewing on a whim.

Even though she’s great with numbers and loves the routine of bookwork, she spends her spare time learning about pretty much anything but accounting. She’s currently teaching herself Spanish and coding.