Preston bus station; a brutalist monument to small-town cultural naivety

Bob Cross


Migrating from the rainy north-west of England, Bob arrived in Australia in 1999 and feels like he’s been on a permanent holiday ever since. Hobart, his home for the past four years, has provided the perfect lifestyle for Bob and his family, with ready access to beaches, mountains and the occasional pint of beer.

Bob was practically born a designer. His family history includes a lineage of illustrators and painters, he’s particularly drawn to the technical elements of creating things and visualizing solutions.

He studied graphic art, fine art and sculpture, and holds an honours degree in graphic design, specialising in print, from Leeds Metropolitan University. He’s worked across a range of design and production roles, with experience designing for small boutique agencies in Sydney and large corporate clients, as well as the not-for-profit sector.

When he’s not designing at Futago, Bob is busy creating things at home – he’s the eternal renovator, cabinet-maker, picture framer and owner-builder. Add in some sailing, rock climbing and pressing his own apples for cider, and Bob is really living the ex-pat dream.

Bob’s strength is visualising and analysing the creative process before jumping into design. This constant analysing, refining and improving identifies problems before they occur, providing better and more efficient solutions for our clients, making him a key member of the design team.