Bob Cross Futago designer

The Bay Area, San Francisco. ‘Hella Fresh’.

Ariel Ruby


Ariel’s design identity draws upon influences from around the world, but her roots are now firmly located in Hobart. 

Her travels have included Tokyo, India and regular visits to Italy for the chance to connect with her extended Neapolitan family.  She’s lived in San Francisco and spent much of her childhood in Sydney.  But it’s the bush and coastal walks in Tasmania that keep her focused and inspired. 

Ariel has a passion for motion and video art and design, and exhibited and toured with ‘Is This Art’ in 2015.  She’s also fascinated by Japanese culture and design aesthetic. 

With a degree in Visual Communications from the University of Technology Sydney, and work experience with Collider films in Sydney, Ariel’s a great new addition to our internship program


Favourite Futago project?

I really like the Pagan Cider project and the recent development of their new website. After visiting the cellar door, it is great to see the brand's personality and values reflected and brought to life in the digital realm.