The Faerie Shop

An iconic Hobart institution, the Faerie Shop has been filling the imaginations of kids with stories of magic and wonder for over 20 years. They’re a surprising business – beyond the obvious of children’s parties and selling magical wares, the Faerie Shop has picked up a nomination for a Telstra Small Business Award and has a strong sense of corporate social responsibility.

It’s difficult as adults to understand the excitement kids feel and what they experience when they visit the Faerie Shop. Our brief was to bring that experience to life on the web and communicate it to parents, exciting them just as much as the kids about faerie parties and story sessions.

Just as the faeries do, we created a magical world in which storytelling can flourish. Beginning up in the Aurora Australis, the homepage takes the user on a journey down through clouds, faerie attics, enchanted forests, to the ocean floor. Along the way, they’ll get glimpses of faeries, mermaids, dragons, unicorns and anything else they can imagine inhabiting the magical world. All of it built on a custom WordPress template that gives a rich experience on desktop and mobile alike.