Design that truly reflects the business philosophy.

A vision to establish a farm-based cooking school, where guests could discover the simple pleasure of gathering and preparing food as close to its source as possible, has been a wonderful success for Séverine Demanet and Rodney Dunn.

Relocating from Sydney in 2007, the pair set about transforming a 19th century schoolhouse at Lachlan into Tasmania’s first hands-on farm cooking school. The Agrarian Kitchen opened in late 2008, and quickly developed a reputation for providing a unique paddock-to-plate cooking experience.

We were delighted to work with Séverine and Rodney as they developed their business – and their dream – through the planning stages, to the launch and beyond.

The Agrarian Kitchen is built on the philosophy of connecting the kitchen with the land – and the brand needed to showcase this.

We created a visual identity that truly reflects the rustic simplicity of the farm. We opted for a natural colour palette, and where possible we used material in its raw state – like toothy uncoated paper and steel – as key elements.

“We … knew that when it was time to create our brand identity we would love to work with Futago.”

Rodney Dunn & Sevérine Demanet

“We have had great pleasure working with Kate, Dan and the Futago team since opening our cooking school, The Agrarian Kitchen, in November 2008.”

Séverine Demanet & Rodney Dunn
The Agrarian Kitchen



The identity complements and enhances their photography – earthy imagery that show the hands-on, authentic experience visitors are seeking.

The Agrarian Kitchen’s brand has a timeless and authentic style that carries across signage, collateral, aprons, folders and publications.

The look and feel is synonymous with the values of the cooking school – we were proud to have our work on this project recognised for design excellence at the 2010 prestigious National AGDA Awards