Theatre, education and design. A creative partnership.

For almost a decade we’ve worked closely with Terrapin Puppet Theatre, collaborating on many of their productions and tours. So making the commitment to become their design partner was an easy decision.

Founded in 1981 and regarded as Australia’s premier puppet theatre, Terrapin has continually maintained a reputation for quality performances, strong design, and a sense of community. Terrapin’s initial focus was on establishing a Tasmanian schools touring circuit.

Today, 40 years later, that local commitment continues with theatre productions traveling right throughout the state. Additionally, the success over the years has seen interest in their productions extend, and Terrapin Puppet Theatre now regularly tours nationally and internationally. Terrapin’s productions are unique, a visual delight that is both entertaining and educational.

In 2017 we worked with the current Artistic Director to develop a new, contemporary identity that positions Terrapin at the forefront of engaging, children’s theatre which embraces technology.