interia futago

A brand for a small architectural & interiors practice with big ideas.

Interia break the mould of your typical architectural practice, they understand the power of brand and the importance of having a unique personality.

To capture this we developed a relatively simple identity which provides Karryn and Dean with a flexible framework. Using quirky illustrations and icons to help communicate, and a pared back palette, their interior portfolio and beautiful timber handles are both showcased to their best.

The website, intended as a temporary fix with animated gifs and low-fi rollovers has proven unbelievably popular, and constantly receives positive comments from web visitors.

Below: a sample of Interia’s beautiful work, photos by Dean Baird & Joshua Lamont

interia handles
interia pulp friction josh lamont

interia futago


Animated gifs and low-fi rollovers have proven incredibly popular on the website!

“We constantly get people saying how much they love our website, it’s a reminder in how simple ideas can be incredibly powerful”

Karryn Dargie, Interia

interia futago