The brief called for a simple, yet flexible and adaptable website.

In the aftermath of the 2013 January bushfires, the Tasmanian Government needed to deliver a centralised method of communication to inform, educate and support the general public and service providers.

A temporary website had been established to deliver immediate information during the fires, however it was clear that a long-term solution was required. A new website was needed.

In approaching the design, it was important to ensure the site would:

  • work effectively across all devices, including mobiles and tablets
  • communicate information in a way that is quick to find and easy to read
  • load quickly
  • allow for varied types of content

As a central portal and authority for the Tasmanian Government, the site also needed to provide a place for open two-way conversation with the public, through social media, live chats or blog formats.

The Bushfire Recovery Unit had previously designed a graphic device and themes, and we applied these to the new site to maintain a sense of continuity.

Collaborating with our client, we developed the site architecture, layout and content style for the new site.

Many of the site users had experienced devastating personal losses in the fires. So we felt it was important to convey a sense of hope and support, while delivering the information and resources they needed.

We determined a structure that was categorised into four main areas:

  • People & Communities
  • Environment
  • Economy & Clean Up
  • Reconstruction

The site will evolve over time as the focus of the bushfire recovery changes. But the key elements – intuitive navigation, content pages with downloadable resources – will ensure those affected by the fires have ongoing, easy access to information. is expected to have a lifespan of up to five years, as the government assisted recovery of the 2013 January bushfires continues.