Building Bigger Thinking

Education provides life long benefits, preventing against economic and social disadvantage as well as having a positive impact on individuals’ health and happiness right throughout their life.

With Tasmania lagging behind the national average for people completing year 12 or above, the State Government and the University of Tasmania formed a collaboration to address this very real problem.

The objective was to develop a campaign that would change opinions about education, and help shape behaviour for students, their families and their communities.

This was to be a pilot campaign, initially targeting the Huon Valley region. And our brief was to develop a name, graphic device and look and feel that could be used to communicate key messages in a way that would appeal to and engage the audience. While it was important that we meet the needs of the key stakeholders, it was also crucial that we maintain a perspective of the ‘end user’ – the students, their families and community.

We sought input from teachers, students, school officers and industry. Through engaging students in the process – including featuring kids from Huonville High School in the campaign imagery – we developed a campaign that could start building aspiration and open up opportunities for young people in regional Tasmania.