"Our new visual identity is warm, friendly and engaging..."

Phil Murphy
Practice Manager

Connecting people to the practice – a new brand for a long established medical firm

Updating a brand can be a daunting task for any business. But when the organisation has been around for almost 100 years, with a consistently strong and loyal customer base, making changes requires a bold sense of vision and confidence.

This was the challenge faced by management at Barrack Street Practice in 2012.

The Practice has been in continuous operation since its establishment in 1927, and has impressive client loyalty with many third generation patients. So the easy option would have been to keep the brand exactly as it was. However easy isn’t always best!

Barrack Street Practice was built upon a foundation of strong values. From day one, the Practice has maintained a commitment to fostering work-life balance for both patients and staff, and this philosophy continues today. The all-female medical practitioner team of ten GPs has a progressive approach to health care and this needed to be a focus across all communications.

Futago had the privilege of creating a new visual identity that reflected and embodied this.

“Working with Futago was a great experience – their creativity, patience and flexibility ensured an outcome that was exactly what we needed. … they were engaged with us, and as a result they understood our culture and intent.”

Phil Murphy, Business/Practice Manager


We started with a process of research and discovery, working closely with management and staff to understand what makes Barrack Street Practice unique. In defining this, we had a clear understanding of the brand identity, and the key criteria that would form guiding principals for the project.

We created a distinctive new identity for Barrack Street Practice, with flexibility to ensure it could be applied across all elements of the business.

The logo was completely redesigned. New typography was chosen, as well as an image that reflects the practice building, as well as the sense of family and home-life that is so much a part of this organisation.

A new verbal identity was developed to ensure a consistent, warm approach to communicating with new and existing patients. And a suite of symbols has been provided to deliver key patient messages in a friendly and engaging style.

We deliberately chose to steer away from the safe colours used by so many medical practices – Barrack Street Practice needed a bright, positive colour palette to express its vision.

In addition to updating all stationery and signage, the Practice website has been completely redesigned to reflect the new identity. And moving forward, there are opportunities for this to flow through to décor and design within the Practice building. With strong values, and a long, proud history, Barrack Street Practice now has a vibrant identity that connects with people and will lead the Practice into the future.

“Our new visual identity is warm, friendly and engaging – a style that stands out and is 
appealing to not only our patients and their families, but our staff as well.”


Phil Murphy 
Practice Manager